January 4, 2005

So Peace House is HUGE!!!!! and gorgeous, I’ll try to get some pictures of it to show you all, but it may be a bit because our orientation schedule is pretty full. We were randomly assigned rooms to start off and I got lucky. Yours truly is living in the master bedroom with a jacuzzi, sauna and walkin closet.
Well gotta go eat.
write more later


  1. Wow! aren’t you lucky. I’ll definitely have to visit now, and maybe spend the night 🙂 Actually, on the 29th my meeting starts pretty early and goes most of the day (at the beginning of the year we have a really long meeting to set goals etc for the year) so I think I will come down the 28th. Have fun with orientation!

  2. Jacuzzi? Sauna? (jaw drops) Why didn’t I do Peace House?
    I’m really excited for you, Abby! What a fabulous opportunity. Have a great time – and keep us updated!–>

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