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December 19, 2004

Well it has been a really lovely last few days. Tim has been home and I have been spending some good time with my family. We really are a bunch of dorks. Today around the dinner table Jonathan decided to use Tim’s digital camera to take a really long and rambling video clip which included up close and personal footage of each family member’s mouth. Other highlights of the week include spending yesterday with Katrina and Becca for most of it. We went up to South Bend and did shopping both for ourselves and for Christmas presents. Since I have both Mom’s and Charletta’s presents figured out, I have to work on the males in the family. So I got some of those figured out. Then the three of us went to see The Incredibles in the theaters. Highly hilarious, one of those very creative Pixar movies that kids love but most of the jokes are aimed at adults.

Oh and I got to chat with Sarah for a while last night, which was nice. Overall I haven’t had a really eventful Christmas break so far, which suits me just fine!


  1. I like Sundays! I spent most of mine laying on my couch reading and dozing. Then we made a white pizza for supper while watching some of Pride and Prejudice (yea!) Then we watched White Christmas. It was pleasant. Glad your break is going so well!

  2. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  3. Oh, I like Sundays too.

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