Today: a brief summary*

December 5, 2004

*to be followed by a reception in the Gallery with light refreshments and punch served

Well today started by my early rise at 9am, followed by 2 and half hours of choir rehearsal. It was much more enjoyable than I had anticipated it to be considered its lots of standing, waiting, with some singing thrown in.

Then I went to lunch at the rot and had my usual egg mcmuffin, yummy as always.

Then I went over to Assembly to help hang a window as a part of the advent visual aid, it has been really fun being involved in this and getting to feel like my creative and artistic tendencies are being used within a community.

Then I went goodwilling with Becca and Steph, it was 50% off day, so it was rather picked over. But I managed to find some good deals, including a beautiful sarong for 50 cents! It was mistakenly in the fabric section.

Then I came back and went to the brew with Hannah for a few hours and just read my book. Reading for fun twice in a month, pretty incredible! The book however is okay, but not incredibly fascinating so far, but it may improve as I get more into it.

Then I returned to my room, showered and Becca blew dried my hair all nice and curled in. Then I went to the choir concert. It was a really amazing concert, despite how badly chamber choir did on our opening hymn, it went really well overall. I am realizing that I really enjoy performing, getting the input of the audience and having someone to sing to, is really enjoyable. It will be even nicer tomorrow when I have specific people (ie my parents) in the audience. Also I just loved how the hall was decorated, garlands, candles and lots of twinkle lights, all very tasteful and simply done. The finale of the concert is all the choirs, shout for joy, the audience and the orchestra all playing/singing O Come All Ye Faithful. Jim H (the choir director)is so enthusiastic and we just sing our hearts out. It is just amazing to have so many people filling that hall and producing such amazing sounds. So if you are in Goshen tomorrow, you should definitely come here the last concert tomorrow afternoon at 4pm.

After the concert, Tara, Libby and Rachel S came over and then our room just started filling up with people. Originally I wasn’t really in a crowded room mood, but it ended up being fun. Mainly I just cuddled with Tara and hung out in the sofa listening and chatting.

So that brings us to my eminent departure for bed. Goodnight.

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