Christmas Wish List 2004

November 28, 2004

Rice cooker
Flat panel computer monitor
Bridget Jones Edge of reason soundtrack
Old Crow Medicine Show cds
Fabric (jewel or earth tone solids, tapestry type richer brocades, or large amounts of plain brown, tan or black cotton)
Storage/organizing type things (stuff to help me transport my things down to Indy)
Big decorative type lounging pillows (body pillows)
Body pillow cover
Adobe Photoshop or similar photo editing software
Good brown or black casual shoes (comfortable but stylish)
A 60 minute back massage with Ann
A standing floor lamp
A bunch of sticky tack, command hooks and command poster strips

more may be added/subtracted in the coming days
oh and I don’t expect to get even half this stuff, just a list 🙂

One comment

  1. Hi there! I like your blog. I believe I’ll have my blog in the future.
    cya soon,

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