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November 20, 2004

As some of you all are finding out, my Pappy passed away last night at around 9pm. It was expected and a peaceful death according to my aunt and uncle who were with him at the time. However this does change a lot of plans, currently my parents are in London visiting with Tim and are going to return a day early. I will be picking them up tomorrow afternoon and then when Jonathan returns from the SOA trip we will all head out to PA for the week for the funeral. We will probably drive back next Saturday in time for the last week of classes.

So I have been spending a lot of time making arrangements with Jonathan and mine professors for classes next week. Fortunately this is happening over thanksgiving, so we will only miss 3 days of classes instead of 5.

I am also blessed with a lot of supportive friends and a wonderful church community, so that has been really wonderful. As for my actual reaction, I haven’t really begun to process it beyond what I was already doing with the news of his declining health. I think it will sink in a lot more when I see both my immediate and extended family more.

Also last evening I had two really good conversations with friends and went to sleep feeling more at peace and happy than I have for some time. In some ways the finality of Pappy’s death has been easier to deal with than the news of his suffering and decline.

Well I need to get back to my phone/emails and paper writing. I hope you all enjoy this last week before Thanksgiving!