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there is a train going by the library lab

November 19, 2004

So today I called in sick to work and slept into noon. Yesterday evening I called in sick to class and small group. You think that would mean I would be feeling better, and I guess I am feeling somewhat better.

The news from my parents about Pappy’s condition isn’t good. It seems pretty clear that he is going fast and probably will pass away in the next few days. I really hope my Dad will get to be with him before he does, but right now it doesn’t look likely. This will also be changing my plans for next week somewhat. I will be going up to Chicago on Monday evening to pick up my parents, and then most likely we will leave Tuesday morning to drive into PA. That will mean that I will miss my Tuesday and Wednesday classes. But this could still change.

Going into PA means that I will get to see relatives again, which is always good. I haven’t seen Barb and Doug (my Dad’s sister and husband) in quite sometime seeing as they are missionaries in Malawai. Unfortunately their 5 children won’t be there, and Tim won’t be flying back from London. So the only grandchildren will be Jonathan, Herman, Milly, possibly Ray and myself.

In other news I just spent a good 2 and half hours working on Jewelry. I am making a pendant that I hope turns out good. I spent that last hour or so working on soldering the bezel to the rest of the piece. I have tried twice so far and almost all of it stuck to the piece except one small part. Grrr, this is silver too, so the more I solder the more firescale I will have to mess with. But other than that the piece is coming along nicely. I did cut myself when I was sawing, but that just means I have a cool snoopy bandaid!

Also in case any of you are extremely bored you can go see my newly posted online resume. I hope I am not that boring in real life 🙂