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a crick in my back, but a few less weights on my shoulders

November 18, 2004

I did it folks! The 8 pager and 12 paper (or as they finished the 8.5 and 12.5) are now complete and quickly fading into the “oh look that’s a paper I wrote a while back” section of my mind. Overall I felt pretty good about both of them, although the 8 pager is a better written piece. The 12 was more interesting but as is often the case more scattered and less tied together.

However I don’t really feel that much more relaxed, maybe its the 2 hours of sleep I got (more because of Record than papers), or the cooking show Meryl and I are doing live on GC Journal tonight, maybe its the issues with my grandpa and his rapid decline, maybe its the 3 page paper that I have yet to write for next Tuesday. Whatever it is I wish it would go away and let me enjoy my slight increase in free time.