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radio perfection in the lounge

November 17, 2004

working on page 7 of the 12 pager due tomorrow
despite the total absence of the sun today in Indiana I think I can see a glimpse of it
or that may just be the fluorescent lighting
I haven’t gone outside yet today, or took a shower, but hey that’s all a part of the writing a paper process that I have begun to perfect

Here is my top secret guaranteed paper writing plan:

-first actually do your research before the day before its due, use notecards or lined notebook paper whatever works for you, just make sure you have more prepared than a big stack of books
-find a place with little distractions, I would recommend the lab in the connector, with only 3 terminals it can sometimes be hard to find a space, but once you do you are guaranteed very few distractions
-as for apparel I suggest comfy pants with high stretchablity and warmth levels, you will be sitting for several hours so nothing too tight that will become uncomfortable or possibly reduce circulation. Also I recommend a comfy sweatshirt, because the lab can be drafty and the last thing you want is cold to make it hard to concentrate
-oh and a nice pair of slippers helps or nice thick socks
-okay so you have your notes and are dressed, now you need a nice mug for either tea or cold water, I don’t recommend much other than that because high levels of sugar or caffeine can produce big swings in mood and irritability
-another big plus is headphones, you can use these to listen to internet radio sources such as launchcast or BBC, there are a lot of options, although I like launchcast because you can customize it with your own music preferences
-and last but not least allow yourself some time, 12 pagers will probably take a good day, or more, while 8 pagers can be done in a very long evening

Okay so now back to the paper 🙂