updates past sleep time

November 13, 2004

Well its been a while since I last posted, and that’s partially due to the fact that blogging seemed like to obvious a form of procrastination. While I was pretty productive this week, I also did more subtle forms of procrastination.

Essentially the last 24 hours or so have really sucked, and pretty much the last week hasn’t been great. I would go into it, but is a terribly long story to tell properly and would include sharing lots of things that I have yet to completely feel comfortable doing so. Suffice to say, current happiness-low, current pain level-high, current self esteem-low, current work load-high, current hope levels-low, current exhaustion-high. I don’t think thanksgiving can come quite quick enough.

I swear I was gonna just do an overview of the week, but right now, don’t really care too.

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