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“I don’t want no part of this crazy love”

November 13, 2004

Paul Simon rocks my world!

Saturday mornings in the dorm are always nice. Those hours between 10 and twelve when your roommate is still asleep but the morning light, blue and pale, is lighting the room. You are still in your pajamas and comfy, knowing that all the work you need to do won’t kick in until after you get back from lunch.
Anyways so an update on the papers would be that I finished up two 3 pagers for Thursday. And low and behold received two extensions for the tuesday ones. So as it stands I have the 8 due Tues and the presentation, and then the 3 and the 12 due Thursday. I have all the research done for the 12, but will probably not start writing it until after my presentation on Tuesday night.

We only have 2 more issues of the Record left!!!!! But I get to do news for both of them, which means I’ll be staying late both times………….sigh.

On Thursday I saw Missing a movie about an American man searching for his son who disappeared in the turmoil after the coupe that overthrew the Allende socialist government in Chile. An excellent movie, but it makes it even harder to think positively about my government or about humans in general. How can they be so cruel, so murderous, so ugh.

Friday was a long day, I spent around 7 hours in the car and around 4 of those driving in Chicago mind you. But Meryl came along so that was good. My parents gave us some money for toll and dinner, so we stopped by Siam Thai (that place is really hard to find, this was the second time that it took me around half an hour to find the place) and had an amazing meal. Then I went with the girls and Thushan to see the Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged. Very funny good show, but pretty much identical to the version I saw a video of, so I sort of knew what was gonna happen. Oh and I successfully predicted the actor nature of a guy who sat in front of us, so that was cool. After arriving back I pretty much collapsed in exhaustion.

And that’s all folks.


updates past sleep time

November 13, 2004

Well its been a while since I last posted, and that’s partially due to the fact that blogging seemed like to obvious a form of procrastination. While I was pretty productive this week, I also did more subtle forms of procrastination.

Essentially the last 24 hours or so have really sucked, and pretty much the last week hasn’t been great. I would go into it, but is a terribly long story to tell properly and would include sharing lots of things that I have yet to completely feel comfortable doing so. Suffice to say, current happiness-low, current pain level-high, current self esteem-low, current work load-high, current hope levels-low, current exhaustion-high. I don’t think thanksgiving can come quite quick enough.

I swear I was gonna just do an overview of the week, but right now, don’t really care too.