observing the large brick wall in my immediate future

November 7, 2004

Okay here is the run down on the next two weeks and the reasons I will not be happy/sleeping/normal for the next little while:

Thursday Nov 11
3-4 page History and Faith Paper
3-5 page House of Spirits Response paper

Tuesday Nov 16
12-15 page Integrative Paper
8-10 page Research Paper
3-4 page Review of Secondary Literature
10-15 minute Presentation

Total for the next 9 days: 29-38 pages

So goodbye dear somewhat sane world, welcome to my craziness………..sigh


  1. arg! that’s way too many papers…good luck with them 😦 but this gives you a good reason to visit the Junk and get lots of yummy mochas and stuff 🙂

  2. Hey, you’ll be 1/6 on your way to writing a novel! =)

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