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lost and found in Chicago

November 6, 2004

Today I went to see the SOFA Chicago 2004 exhibit. It was really incredible, I think I really enjoy 3d art more than 2d. Everything from jewelry to large glass, ceramic, wood sculptures. I also got to watch a glass blowing demonstration for a little bit, amazing craft! Also the weather was beautiful, sunny and breezy with high thin clouds in a blue sky. Chicago is a beautiful city. I also collected a bunch of those free postcards that are often made of certain exhibitions, so now I have lots of new cool stuff for our door. I really enjoyed looking at the jewelry and metalwork now that I have just a little bit better of an idea how much work and careful technique goes into forming each piece. Although a lot of the work there was using much more precious materials than I would ever use. I think the cheapest thing in the entire place was 300 dollars and I saw things that were as much as 20-30,000 grand!

So then the second part of the day was a misunderstanding about time zones that lead to us not being able to find Becca for almost an hour. Judy (the art teacher) and I were getting pretty worried and the bus has been gone for almost half an hour when finally we found her and everything turned out okay. Plus I got to take a (very brief) cab ride through Chicago and see Judy’s house, meet her husband and talk to her about cool art things. So over all, Becca was okay and life is good. Oh and I got a good 2 hour nap on the train, which is why I am still functional at this hour. So goodnight all!