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November 5, 2004

Music: “You will be my ain true love” Alison Krauss Cold Mountain Soundtrack

hmmm well actually I think this is one of the first times since I have told people about this blog that I sort of wish no one would read this. Because if I was really honest with myself right now, what I want really badly isn’t a good grade on my exam, or to finish my term papers, or to be a good friend, or go do exciting things, or go to Peace House, but instead I want to have a close connection with a male. Maybe its that time of the month, maybe its the weather, maybe its the sad love ballad I am listening too, maybe its hormones, maybe its cause I am tired and just really want a big hug. I don’t know, but I really am oh so very tired of wanting what I don’t have. Why oh why is contentment always too much to ask?