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frustrated and not actually that much by the election

November 4, 2004

okay yes, I am really disappointed about the whole thing, not only the presidency but now the legislative, executive and possibly the judicial branches of this government will all be represented by conservatives!

oh and I am really saddened by the passing of 11 state banning of gay marriages
fine, so yes some of the frustration is that, but a bunch is just the rest of life right now. It seems like whenever I get one part of life going well another slips and then when catching up on that I loose track of another! I am so tired and in need of a break, a break from it all and I am discovering that although I haven’t really had a problem with this earlier, I really do need to become more intimate with the word “no”. Such a nice thing, I need to use it more often. But the problem with that is that when that word comes into play so does a word called “guilt” which I seem to have a lot of anyways.

Arrrgggg, I have an exam tomorrow at 9:30 (directly after the 8am). I so could have used this evening to study or do reading for my classes, but no I spent another 5 hours working for the Record. Which I do really enjoy, but I just feel really trapped in it sometimes and frustrated that some lay-out staff come in only for one page and so forth, but have the same job title as I do (okay yes really nit-picky and not really anything to be justifiably upset about). Sometimes I just get really frustrated at demands made on my life by myself and others and then I get frustrated that I don’t demand other standards of myself.

Now enough venting, hmmmm something positive about the day:
Oh I got my license renewed and I actually really like my picture and AndyG randomly complimented me on my hair, cool beans!
And I had a really yummy lunch with dad at Trolley Cafe and I told him about Indy Peace House and he seemed positive!