powerful plays, beautiful injuries

October 30, 2004

So okay, I haven’t spent the whole afternoon working. I just got back from watching around 2 hours of rugball. However I did spend around 2 hours before that getting lots of good research done in the library. Anyways rugball is incredible, so much fun to cheer for. The players just go around wiping each other out and tackles can get pretty incredible. The picture above is from this autumn, but not today, Jonathan is tackling JCombs. Way to go buddy!
Which leads to the other cool part of rugball, where else can you cheer things like “kill them all”, “punch them”, “tackle you fool”, “don’t pull my brother’s hair”, etc.
Also Jonathan’s team kicked butt, and is gonna go onto finals tomorrow. As he teammates agreed, Jonathan is quite the beast to watch play, I am so proud!

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