queries from the hub

October 28, 2004

So its wednesday
So that means late night posts from the hub
So that means 8am exam tomorow morning in Environmental History
So that does that sound ridiculously familar?

I was gonna post yesterday, but I wanted to get to sleep. So no post for Tuesday.
In Jewelry today, I took pictures of my ring and will post them when I get back to my room or tomorrow. Progress is going really well and I am in the fun part of actually polishing it.

I really hate 8am classes. I have decided that after college I will not accept any job that starts before 9am, so maybe I should look for a job in Europe, I think they have a better idea of work there.

Although on the other hand, it would be nice to have a lifestyl that got me to bed at 10, so that waking up at 7 was refreashing instead of brutal and cruel.

I have recently discovered the miracle of coffee and no I am not getting addicted, just learning that it can indeed make the difference between falling asleep in class or staying awake. Although I shouldn’t talk too much, considering I still haven’t ever made it for myself or drink it with less than 2 sugars and creams in it.

Monday mornings are also interesting in that Meryl and I work together for around 3 hours double checking data entries. Among the many lessons I have learned during this time include that for some people the word counsultant can be seen as consy hant or the word schedule can be seen as sonduly. Also according to Meryl I get a pretty bad case of ADD whenever I am sleep deprived, who woulda guessed it?

I think the low point of the week has been hearing more news about the declining health of my Pappy. His mental sharpness is declining rapidly along with his physical health. The family is preparing to deal with his death in the next little while. This is really hard for me to hear, although I think the large part of that is watching my parents deal with it and thinking toward the future and how I will most likely have to deal with my own parent’s mortality at some point. Which I am definitly not ready to even consider! Also it is so sad to see Pappy fading in this way, while I don’t have memories of him being hugely physically agile, his mental quickness and agility was always there. Always talking, telling stories, jokes, and his amazing bark of a laugh. I also have a lot of fear for how Grammy will deal with it all.

Well I am sitting here and the hour is aproaching 1:30am and we have yet to recieve one of the feature articles! But back to work or at least attempting something….

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