the best and worst of college

October 21, 2004

Today was really great and really bad, so I guess pretty normal. As I was lying in my bed this morning during the 5 minutes or so I give myself in order to recover from the trauma of waking up before forcing myself to get out of bed, I noticed that the sun was really high on the opposite wall from my bed. I didn’t think much of it, but again on my way back from the fraker with coffee in hand heading towards my 9:30 in Wyse, I again noticed the beautiful way the sun was cutting through the fog and trees. Finally about halfway through my 9:30 class I looked out my window and it all made sense: the sun was shiny for the first time in around 4 or 5 days!

Moments from the day that made me ponder:
-talking about truth-telling and its connection to sarcasm, what is a lie? is it ever okay?
-talking with Karl S as a part of the Pastoral Review process and contemplating this concept of ministry and how complex it is
-hearing from Alan K in my history senior seminar, an amazing man! Inspiring love of life and deeply rooted Christian faith. Made me think a lot about post-Christendom in relation to my brief experience in England and N. Ireland (and my correspondence with Tim) and the way the US is both moving towards a post-Christendom context and remaining a very Christendom empire. Also talked about his interesting career choice of both historian and missionary.

Frustration of the Day:
So I have all these fascinating experiences and interesting thoughts, but NO time to process them. This is definitely leading to my biggest problem with college, so much input and so many opportunities and demands and activities. But I guess I will have to just save this all up and think about it over Christmas break 🙂


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  1. Alan Kreider is a cool person. He and Eleanor are good friends with my parents, and they have eaten at my house. Both of them are highly intellectual, and I’ve been pressed to think more deeply about myself after conversations with them. It has been several years since I’ve talked with them though.

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