dreary days at goshen

October 18, 2004

As most of you goshenites know, goshen is blessed with more than its fair share of dreary days. I over all do not like this fact, however there do exist some exceptions which include the following:
1. autumn dreary days, these are rendered less depressing due to the bright colors on the trees and general crispness in the air (although if too many of them occur together, they can get difficult)
2. winter dreary days when there is snow covering the ground. all the white brightness makes the day much more tolerable and this also coincides with my theory that if it is gonna be cold, we might as well have snow too!
3. dreary days when you own a really bright red raincoat or umbrella or even boots, unfortunately this one doesn’t really apply to me, seeing as I don’t own any of those
4. dreary days when you don’t have classes, because of course then you can spend the entire day sleeping
5. dreary days when you are in love, seeing as I have never been in love this is more of a guess, but I bet dreary days would be better


One comment

  1. Ummm…. that last one is right on 🙂

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