okay so technically its friday, which means the weekend!!!

October 15, 2004

but I am still functioning in Thursday mode, so here is my post for the day:
Camera dealings
Okay so I ordered the camera and it has been shipped, and has actually been to my house twice, but because of strict security requires a direct signiture. Grrrr, so close but yet no camera. However tomorow I should have it worked out that there will be someone at my house when they stop by, so I will get my camera (cross your fingers!)
I took my last midterm for intl. classics, it was okay really long though and I think he asked for way to much long-winded details. Oh and I got back my ethics and morality midterm, which I didn’t do as good as I had hoped, missed an A by 1.5 points. But I think I’ll be able to do better next time.
Well I think I will be brief and maybe post more in depth over the week, oh I do want to talk about some of the interesting connections that keep occuring between different parts of my life and different classes. Gutt nacht. horrible spelling I am sure:)

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