third mini post of the day

October 8, 2004

Site Meter update: it works now, it is just way way way down at the bottom of the page, I may try to fix that sometime, but not gonna bother right now
Sol’s comments: I love em, keep them coming. I pretty much love any and all comments I get!



  1. I see the meter, but I don’t feel counted. Am I supposed to see numbers? Perhaps it is a secret count, so that we will all feel unique as readers of Abby’s blog, and she will just grow increasingly proud of her blog writing capabilities as she sees the numbers grow ever higher. (Sorry for the poor grammer of this sentence.)

  2. hmmm, you should be able to see the numbers just by clicking on the meter. Did you try that? Let me know if you can’t see them, cause you should be able.

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