late nights, refreshed mornings

October 7, 2004

Well last night was the latest I have stayed up this school year. Clocking in at 4:10am, after the longest Record night ever!!!! and working on a paper for today, I finally went to bed assuming I would awake in 3 short hours for my 8am. However my body had different plans for me and helpfully decided to lower my hearing abilities to the point that I didn’t hear my alarm, or meryl’s. Although in retrospect I have vague memories of Meryl telling me to turn off my alarm…. Anyways I woke up at 9:30 having completely missed my 8am, after which I decided that my 9:30 wasn’t worth going late too. So I slept in until 10:40, giving me a glorious 6 hours of sleep! So now I feel quite refreshed, although I don’t relish informing my profs of my reasons for missing class.

So I am off to jump through the last few hoops before the freedom of the weekend.


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  1. ouch! =/

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