4 days to the blessed event

October 2, 2004

Sometimes I worry that people will take me seriously and think I am really arrogant. Well I hope you (my faithful readers) don’t, anyways today is a glorious day and although I have done nothing yet, but spend it in peaceful slumber, I think it is beautiful. Especially the weather! I could go on and on about Autumn in Goshen (which I believe should be capitalized to note its importance). The sky is blue and stretches high and wide, the grass is green, lots of alumni are wondering around in awe and amazement at how different things look and the leaves are turning. I think my favorite place on campus is the Schrock plaza, because from there you sit in the sun and watch the wind swirl those small yellow leaves around and around the fountain.

Okay enough of that. I am hungry and so am going to make myself some breakfast/lunch. Have a lovely day you all!


  1. I recently decided that fall was my favorite season. (although I may have decided that last year as well, and just forgot.) I loved your description of those little yellow leaves.

  2. And it’s cold too! Brrrr

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