well I was gonna but….

October 1, 2004

I had this cool long rambly post this afternoon, but the blog ate it (I hope you enjoyed it ya big meanie). So then I was disheartened and didn’t feel like blogging anything and I don’t really feel like it now cause I am so tired. But I guess I am doing it anyways.
Highlights of the day:
-surviving both morning classes without falling asleep (although there are definite periods of time that I don’t remember anything the prof said)
-talking with meryl in a huge catch up fest, cause we hadn’t seen each other in around 15-20 hours. we don’t know what we are gonna do after college when we won’t live together anymore, I guess its good we are going on SST together 🙂
-writing my 3 page response paper in 2 hours before class
-hearing from Tim and getting feedback on both camera options and this blog
-seeing the movie The Mission. Speaking of which I feel this type of colonization of the americas/squashing of collective actions by people and generally humans being horrible has been a theme of the week. Sigh…..not a very nice one, but I guess it makes one think a lot


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