laughing at the foolish idea of my “breather” week

September 30, 2004

The Hub
hunched shoulders and bluring eyes
“I am not going to hug a visitor if I see them!” Derek B
“different fonts, differnt things”
ahhhh I want to go to bed………………..
oh and if you care, read the editorial in this week’s record
and see if you can catch the mild n——- invasion in the news articles, first one to cite both examples will get something, don’t know what cause it is late, but just make a comment or something
oh and as a special note for katie, just comment about anything you think would make a good n——- invasion and I will send you a special email.

List of things to possibly add excitement to my life:
drop out of college and go to mongolia with Sarah
pierce my nose
get a perm
sleep more
sleep less
have a 21st birthday
buy a camera
don’t buy a camera

wow so many options



  1. Hey – go to Mongolia, sleep more, and buy a camera (especially if you’re going to Mongolia.) A N——- invasion? I see it sort of as a stampede. Rhinocerouses come to mind, but that’s because we’ve been studying Ionesco. Weird guy, Ionesco. Him and his rhinocerouses. Which are actually symbolic. Can I get a copy of this editorial?

  2. Katie, I think the N——-s would be more subtle than a pack of rhinos, but I don’t know I guess me and my brothers can get a little loud 🙂
    As for the advice, I like yours about the sleeping more, what do you think about the perm idea?

  3. Hmmm…curly? I like it!

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