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September 29, 2004

well this morning is a lovely fall morning. autumn is by far my favorite of all the seasons. I can see the tops of trees beginning to give into the color parade. I think they must get so vain this time of year. Last night I had a great catchup chat with Kristi and one of the interesting thoughs we arrived at was how the world would be different if instead of seeing people’s physical bodies thier appearance consisted of their thoughts! Wouldn’t that be a crazy world, no cheating, no lying, but no surprises either. Well Meryl is back from peeing, so I must go back to work.



  1. Board games would be impossible, but otherwise it would simplify life. =D

  2. Well, unless you played CandyLand or Trouble, in which case it wouldn’t matter. (Hey, but the world would be a nicer place if Candyland replaced poker and blackjack).

  3. I think people would be bad anyways, it just would be considered “normal” I think in the end the world would just end up being worse. Wow, that was a really pessimistic thing to say! Well, not really, because it goes along with the whole “God choses things to be the way they are for a reason, and helps us along the way” Eh, but maybe I’m wrong…. interesting thought though. I’ve always thought it would be cool to be able to show people what other people’s lives were like, sort of like “walking a mile in another man’s shoes” I think one of the greatest gifts a person can have is the ability to step outside themselves and try to see the other person’s perspective. And now I’m off topic so I’ll stop. I love these kinds of thoughts!

  4. I wonder what baby’s would look like…I guess it would be a lot easier to tend to their needs!

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