it was like having your heart pulled out of your chest and beaten, but in a good way

September 28, 2004

I just got back from watching the movie The Burning Season about Chico Mendez. It was heart-renching, fascinating, beautiful, hopeful, and as David put it very well, made me want to lament to God. How can humans do such awful things to each other? Why must there be pain in the world? Yet how does one move from this emotional reaction to concrete action? What are the proper concrete actions?

So yes, it was a very good movie, but now I feel very drained and just want to go to bed. Oh and tomorrow is gonna be packed and in chamber we are gonna be practicing a new more difficult piece in octets! Scary! and guess who doesn’t have time to practice!
Well wish me luck and thanks to all those who have been commenting (Steph this means you!) on my blog, I really appreciate it.

Well goodnight to you all and may you all find ways to work towards making this wonderful world a better place.


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  1. Talk about an eye-catching title! ;p

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