slight headache and reading to do

September 27, 2004

I hope you all enjoy those photos I posted. I just downloaded a software thinger that makes posting pictures really easy and organizes all my pictures for me! Today was busier than I thought, after working for the morning and finishing jewelry at 4, I was looking forward to doing some grocery shopping and then making myself a yummy pasta salad supper. However I had not been informed that we did indeed have chamber choir today from 4 to 5:30, so that set me back some. Then when I attempted to find Meryl’s car, I ended up searching without any luck.

Frustrated I returned to my room, found out the car’s location from Meryl, then finally got to Kroger. Bought my feta cheese (necessary for most yummy pasta salads) and cooked my meal. It is now almost 7:30 and my stomach is content, my head still hurts a little bit, but other than that I think it was worth it. Seeing as I now have a large tuperware container full of food, plus extra (if anyone reads this in the next little while come find me and I’ll give you food). Anyways I am off to the library or will be when I finish procrastining.


One comment

  1. That website about feta chesse was intersting! 🙂 very informative…you know it’s interesting, I got to overhear Bev L and Mary Yoder H discussing weaning the other day. So reading about goat’s or sheep’s milk being more digestable for humans is a good thing to know. It’s amazing all the random little facts we learn every day. I’m sad I missed the food 😦
    We’ll have to cook together sometime.

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