celebration of manual labor

September 22, 2004

Today was celebrate service day and I got to be a buff construction worker! Moving concrete blocks and filling in areas with gravel in the hot noonday sun, it really was a blast. I like doing things that have obvious results that I can feel good about. I like the fact that although I may not always like the appearance of my body it can help me do difficult tasks and that I am strong! And in the end, doesn’t that matter more than beauty?
It was also really fun getting to know the really cool girls on my floor better. We are a fun bunch and I think we worked well together. As for the update on workloads, this evening is going to suck a wee bit, but hopefully tomorow and my 8am (ugggh) exam will go well. Then I will be home free and able to sleep for 10 hours in the car on the way to PA and my cousin’s wedding.
Enough with the procrastinating, I must be diligent. Oh and on the question of whether I will share this blog with others, I have decided to let a few at a time read it, before I just reveal it to the world. So I have to censor myself, but not completely 🙂

Spider Solitare games:
huh? what?


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