fuzzy eyeballs

September 21, 2004

Today I went for a six-month examination at my eye doctor and after having my pupils enlarged to the size of small grapes and attempting not to look at the very bright light being shone in my eyes, I was informed that I have weird looking lattices in my eyes. Despite the Dr. Clark’s less then reassuring comment regarding their “weirdness”, I am apparently not to worry and just let them know right away if I see any flashing lights or really weird floaties. Hmmm, so does that mean I should avoid any conversion type experiences on any roads to Damascus that I may be walking along?

Spider Solitaire Games:
zero! I know very impressive, too busy for even this most basic form of procrastination. Although the number of entries I made yesterday, would indicate I have found other means.

Oh and I think I have decided to tell people about my blog, I guess I just want to share the love.


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