mondays continued

September 20, 2004

Music (after the style of steph and katie): Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows (from the soundtrack to Shrek 2)

Well I was productive this afternoon and finished my reading for my 8 o’clock, but I also realized that I have a unexpected 3-4 page paper due thursday…… You win some you lose some I guess.

After reading Katie’s blog, I have decided that Europe is just the way to go and after I finish with Goshen I am going to find some way to get there and stay there for a while.

Still debating whether to let people read this blog or not. I don’t know there are definitly pros and cons to both sides. But so far one big influence has been the fact that even if I don’t tell anyone about it, people could still be reading it and therefore it isn’t completly private and so I still need to censor my ramblings. Well… I guess I will continue to this debate until it reaches its own ends.

Spider Solitare Games:
zero, still haven’t touched it since last thursday, although this evening may prove my undoing, seeing as I will be attempting productivity.


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