secretive tendencies

September 19, 2004

I have decided I like this blog, it is small (so far) and rather unassuming. I also rather like that no one knows about it, and so probably the only one who will see these words is me. However I also feel the need to share my little baby with the world (not entirely sure why, because I am not yet at all certain it would add to the world in any meaningful way).
So this weekend….
Where does one begin. Well as stated, the main event of the weekend was the renaissance Fair. And I am so terrible sorry, but the camera that had claimed to be fixed, was indeed lying, so there are no multitudes of pictures with which to show you all. So to do my best to summarize:
I bought a dress! not entirely sure what style this dress would be described as French or Italian, but not incredibly ornate. It is blue (of course) and I love it, it is essentially a chemise with a blue over dress. It didn’t come with a skirt, but I look forward to making one, because as was pointed out to me later in the evening, wearing it as is, is similar to walking around in one’s underwear and a vest. However as one gentleman at my feast table informed me, he saw no problem with that 🙂
Dancing: This was great and sort of what my experience revolved around. Throughout the day we (steph, me, nathan, rachel, brittany) all participated in dance lessons and learned different dances that would be done at the grand ball later in the evening. There we met Paul and Keith, two great men who sort of adopted our group and proved great guides to the world of renaissance Fair and dancing. Although both were single and in their late 30’s/early 40’s, they were amazing gentlemen and very charming (but not in a gross older guys way). Sort of made me think that maybe I should be looking for older guys instead of trying to find someone in college :). Anyways in the evening after the amazing feast (which I will talk about next) we danced for almost 3 hours. Which for anyone familiar with contra or square dancing, renaissance dancing was similar, except everyone was wearing remarkable costumes and there were different instruments providing the music. And the dancing was more structured. I decided I like the English Country style better than Italian, because of its simpler steps and closer resemblance to barn dances! Another highlight was learning salsa and meringue moves from Nathan during the songs that we didn’t know, great fun!
Feast: This was an amazing culinary adventure, and incredibly delicious. 5 courses or removes as they were called, the meal was quite drawn out and varied in spices and tastes. Done in a middle eastern style the combinations of tastes was quite lovely. But even more than the food, the Feast demonstrated to me the amazing community of the renaissance fair. Because we had been unaware that one needed to bring one’s own feast gear (dinnerware), we ended up being provided for by about 3 or 4 different people who all had brought extras. At steph and I’s table there was keith, an older couple who did a lot of explaining for us and gave us websites and such and also a great 8th century monk who had several daughters around different tables and seemed to really fit his persona. It was here that I began to glimpse the world that is SCA (society for creative anacronisms) and the amazing knowledge and dedication some of these people have to pursuing accurate recreations of various historical periods. We also learned about Penzack which is the 2 week long national version of this type of thing that takes place in July at a campgrounds in Western PA.
So there is the long and short of it, and I am going to let this rest for now.


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  1. Abby!
    Hurrah for the SCA! I’ve been hearing about Penzack for years from my SCA friends – and I’ve been to a few events with them. If you ever feel like joining an SCA chapter in IN, let me know…I might want to as well!

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